1. Write and email letters to editors/politicians and the press. Write articles and draw cartoons for publication. But don't accept a form response, even from the President!

2. Force your issues on subject debates and meetings as YouthVote 2000 is doing for the 2000 presidential election

3. Don't let a politician or someone who represents you - whether or not you vote yet - waffle from the campaign promises made and upon which the candidate was elected. Voting is not the end, your involvement continues.

4. Work legislatively by lobbying, testifying or writing your own bill or petition and getting it considered.

5. Protest: picket, march, sit in, strike (from work, from food, from product purchases), sit-in, street perform. The public hears you.


Check out TPP and Resources for sites such as:

The Ruckus Society
Direct Action Network's Activist Resources
The Electronic Activist