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Resource Links for Activism, Elections, Government Information, & Issues

There are even more resources, web-based and snail mail/phone in TEEN POWER POLITICS but here's a good start. Remember to use media literacy skills - check out who's giving you information here!

Getting Started

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Check out "Ask Sybil Liberty" about students' right..

Amnesty International
Worldwide campaign to promote human rights.

Center for Policy Alternatives
"Youth Voices"

Children's Defense Fund
Encouraging preventive investment in youth/ Head Start Programs..

Children's Rights Information Network (CRIN)
A global network of organizations sharing information on children's rights.

The Giraffe Project
Stories and programs for education about how to "stick your neck out" for activism.

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

League of Women Voters of the United States

The National Women's History Project

Pop & Politics
Farai Chideya's pretty amazing site to let you know what's going on today!

Teen Hoopla (An Internet Guide for Teens)
YALSA, pretty cool teen librarians, packed this site full of great information, reading, and issue forums and links to what you and others feel about what interests you.

Third Millennium
Focusing on long-term problems with a stated goal "to inspire young adults to action."

Youth Info
Find out your numbers: male or female, TV habits and other important topics.

The White House Project
Mobilizing all women to participate in civic life..

Who Cares

General Government & Political Contacts and Information

CapWeb: the Internet Guide to the US Congress
Good for current info, how to contact your Federal congressmen

Constitution of the United States of America (Constitution) (Amendments)
Official text of the Constitution & Amendments. A slow download.

E-The People
Bringing government closer to you & providing a way to petition many official.

The Electronic Activist
An activism "how to" and e mail directory of Congress, state governments,& media.

The Jefferson Project

Election & Voter Information

Black Youth Vote
Seeking new voters for this important population & identifying their specific issues.

The Center for Responsive Politics
Tracking on money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy.

Center for Voting and Democracy
Promotes new democratic systems for representation and fairness.

The Democracy Center
Another tracking of candidate's issues.

A Nonpartisan Reference for Local, State and National Politics

Federal Elections Commission
The real source: information on campaign finance; elections & voting.

Federal Voting Assistance Program: State Primaries and Elections Guide
If you're in a military family, here's the place to be.

First Vote
A high school classroom based program on voter education, and citizenship.

KidsVoting USA
Getting kids involved even before they vote!

Latino Vote 2000
A Spanish-language website for registration and voter information.

National Coalition on Black Voter Participation
Central site for African-American Voters. Black Youth Vote is here

National Student/Parent Mock Election
Classroom based program for all youth.

Political news, information and analysis for the African American community.

Political news, information and analysis for the Latino community online

Project Vote Smart
One of the best sites for candidates, issues, and election information.

Rock the Vote
Direct, issue oriented and for voter registration, especially for young voters.

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project & The William C. Velasquez Institute
Educating and promoting the vote in the Latino community. See also, NorthEast Voter Registration Project (New York) & the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute at

Web White & Blue
Links to some of the best online election directories and voter info sites.

WhiteHouse 2000
Links to a wealth of news stories, potential candidates, issue and other information about the presidential campaign for the year 2000.

Women's Voting Guide
Compare your positions with current U.S. senators and representatives and candidates.

Women Count

Political Parties

Several links for major political parties and established or upcoming third parties. Look at sites such as Politics 1 (below) or under ŗU.S. political parties˛ for others.

Democratic National Committee

Green Party USA

Labor Party

Libertarian Party USA

Reform Party

Republican National Committee
for other party links:

Politics 1

Media Literacy and the Press

The Advertising Educational Foundation, Inc.

Asian American Journalist Association

Center for Media Literacy


The Freedom Forum & Newseum

Just Think

Unity: Journalists of Color, Inc.

New Mexico Literacy Project
Check out also the website of The National Association of Hispanic Journalists & their strong links to other journalism associations and student workshops at

Activism & Community Service

GENERAL SITES: A lot of these are large national programs. Also search out state and local coalitions or organizations more directly aligned with your interests or start your own.

Americorps Project

Boy Scouts of America

Campaign for Americašs Future

Co/Motion (Alliance for Justice) Handbook and Social Change Training

React/TAke Action
Service opportunities keyed to your interests by gender, age, and state.

The Democracy Center

DO Something: Young People Changing the World
AOL Keyword: Do Something

Girl Scouts of America

Girls Incorporated

International Student Activism Alliance (ISAA)

International Student Activism Alliance (ISAA)
A student-run organization for high school students tackling teen issues such as early school starting times, curfews, censorship, and student representation.

National Council of La Raza

National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

National Urban League

Nickelodeon's Big Help

Points of Light Foundation


Youth In Action Network - links for change

Youth Speak
c/o Mighty Media 400 1st Avenue N., Suite 626 Minneapolis, MN 55401 (800) 644-4898 An interactive online service about positive social action and service projects.

Teen Organizations

Kids Care AIDS Network
A grass-roots, youth run, youth led, youth empowerment organization.

Civic & Community

America's Promise: The Alliance for Youth

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Camp Fire Boys and Girls

eTeen - get involved

Food Not Bombs

Habitat for Humanity


There are community projects everywhere helping adults and children learn to read or reading for the blind and elderly. Call any public library and volunteer.

Reading is Fundamental, Inc.

Center for Civic Education materials


Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions

Anti-Defamation League/A World of Difference Peer Training Program

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)

The Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice


Colorlines: The War on Youth

The Direct Action Network Activism Resources Page revolution/wto/resources.html

Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Human Rights Watch


Indian People's Action, A chapter of Montana Peoplešs Action

Equity in Sports

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ)

National Organization for Women

National Youth Advocacy Coalition

PeaceFire (against internet censorship)

The Ruckus Society

Schools Not Jails

Southern Poverty Law Center

United States Student Association

United Students Against Sweatshops


The Black Community Crusade for Children

Children Now

Coalition for America's Children

National Child Rights Alliance

Stand for Children

Student Leadership Network for Children (SLNC)
what A network of student leaders serving the need of children.


Environment & Animals

Alliance for Community Trees
The national network for grassroots groups dedicated to tree planting and conservation.

American Oceans Campaign

Center for Environmental Citizenship
Programs: Campus Green Vote, National Environmental Wire for Students, EarthNet, Blueprint for a Green Campus, Summer Training Academy, Internship Program.

Humane Society of the United States

The Nature Conservancy

People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.)

Rainforest Action Network

Sierra Student Coalition
The student-run grassroots network within the Sierra Club moving the student agenda.

US Environmental Protection Agency/EPA Student Center

World Wildlife Fund


The Association for Childrenšs Suffrage (ACS) Childrens_Suffrage/
College and high school students challenging the voting age.

Black Youth Vote
Increasing voter participation and politically empowering African American youth

College Democrats Home Page
Yes it's college, but they welcome younger members.

Common Cause
Seeking a unified voice against corruption in government and money special interests.

MTV's Choose or Lose 2000

National Teenage Republican Headquarters (TARS)

Young and College Republicans

Young Democrats of America

Youth In Government Program (YMCA)

Health & Safety

Advocates for Youth
Information for responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.
Crisis Hotlines: For use and for helping others by volunteering. Use keywords: "teen crisis hotline" "teen hotline" "youth hotline" "youth crisis."

The American Red Cross HIV/AIDS Teen Hotlin

Anti-tobacco education and activism

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Organization

FDA (Federal Drug Administration) Kids Home Page

Join Together
Grassroots efforts to end gun violence and substance abuse.

Kids Care AIDS Network

The National Institute of Mental Health (on early school start times)


One of the best ways to help others and make change: help yourself!

American College Entrance Directory

Info, links, virtual walking tours of thousands of colleges, scholarships, etc.
Info on 6,000 two and four-year institutions; careers and majors; and financial aid.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Job descriptions, salaries, education or certification requirements.
Check out both their "High School" and "College"sections for pragamatic and real info.

SAT Program
School codes, application deadlines, practice questions, college essay advice.

Leadership Training

American Legion: Americanism and Children & Youth Programs

ASPIRA Association, Inc.

(202) 835-3600Leadership development and education for Puerto Rican and other Latino youth.

Close Up Foundation
44 Canal Center Plaza, Alexandria, VA 22314-1592 (800) 256-7387 Giving students and adults a "close up" look at government, including Capitol tours.

Co-ette Club

Community involvement & leadership for African-American high school girls.

4-H Youth Development
Activism way past the farm.
Mountain States Network Against Bigotry

Teen Journalism & Debate Opportunities

Search under "teen magazines," "school newspapers" to find the most up-to-date listings of magazines. Be careful, however, since the search engines are not that discriminating.

Collegiate Circuit Magazine (for high school students soon)

Cultural Horizons
An international student magazine written by and for youth worldwide.

FactSheet - lists of webzines

First Cut Magazine
An award-winning weekly teen magazine show with stories by teen field correspondents.

In the Mix
Speaking out about the unique experiences of teens worldwide with youth reporters

JINN/Pacific News Serivce
A biweekly online magazine.

Libertarian Rock

National Student Press Association/Student Media Sourcebook
Organizations and resources that help student journalists and journalism teachers

Information sources for student journalists, listings by state of online school newspapers.

Student Press Law Center
Legal aid agency devoted exclusively to educating and litigating for high school and college journalists about the First Amendment rights and responsibilities.


Teen Issues Message Board
An email posting process to post or get response to issues that concern you.

WireTap, a division of

Yahoošs list of online school (K-12) and street newspapers (with teen contributions) Homelessnesss/Street_Newspapers/


Atlantic Unbound/Politics
Online magazine with lots of in-depth and current political news.

African American newspapers from The Black World Today

Blu magazine
Hip hop, Punk, Ska, Roots, Latin World Beat, Spoken Word, Art & revolution

CNN: All Politics
CNNšs political pages online. Election news, related stories & Time articles.

Comedy Central
Political news with a sense of humor.

Democracy Now

A positive place for dialogue, questioning, informational exchange, and activism.

The Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
The freshest, hand-sorted political news and analysis with a twist and chat halls.

Gen X (and some Gen Y- that's you) Links from Politically

.horizon Magazine


Junior Scholastic Interactive

Kidsš Wall Street News
National news and financial publication for kids.

Latino Link

The New York Times UPFRONT
The first news magazine designed specifically for teenagers.

Politics Now
Bid site for election news. The Weekly Reader-election coverage for kids.

Que Pasa.Com

Radio Free Europe
The classic source for global radio programming for human rights and liberty.

Pretty cool teen news site plus the Take Action Database with great activism links.

Slate Magazine

Salon Magazine

Teen People Online
Teen Peoplešs blend of issues and trends, real teens, and celebrities.

USA Today

http://www.usatoday and

Vibe Magazine Online

The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition: Student Center
Good links to economics, politics, consumer, child labor, and student issues and newspapers, including The CIA World Factbook.


In the Mix: The NPR TV Show for Teens

Teenage Diaries from National Public Radio
Radio series by and about teens.

Teens on the Net Links

Teen Voice


Do Something BRICK Award for Community Leadership Annually honors ten outstanding leaders (under 30).

Do Something Grants
or at America Online, Keyword: Do Something

The Giraffe Project
You can nominate someone who "sticks their neck out" to get something done.

react Take Action Awards


Biographical Dictionary
Black History Month Spotlight Feature

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Global Vision Human Rights Map Browser

Grolieršs on-line site: The American Presidency

The National Womenšs History Project

Stately Knowledge

The Virtual Reference Desk

Vote Smart Web Yellow Pages