1. Educate yourself and others about why we vote (to get things done), how we register (check out your state and local requirements), where and when we vote (check out primary, local, federal and special election voting times and places), and

2. Educate yourself and others to the issues by checking into election sites, presidential convention platforms (issues), candidate and legislation sites.

3. If you're eligible, register to vote!!!! You can register online at many of the sites listed below and right here as well!). You'll always be able to register at election offices, state, federal (check at the post office) and municipal offices, your motor vehicle, military and social security offices.

4. Check out whether your state laws allow you to participate in registering others (you don't always have to be voting age).

5. Don't forget to vote after you've registered!

6. Find out where you can vote and whether there is early voting, Internet voting, absentee ballots (if you can't get to the polls on election day), and if you can help others vote.

7. Persuade others that your concerns are there's and lobby for their votes.

8. Mobilize, translate, drive, or baby-sit for those who need to get to the polls to vote.

9. See if you can make your vote count even more by modifying the system through encouraging efforts to provide different voting methods: proportional representation, instant run-off voting, and researching reapportionment, redistricting and campaign finance reform so that others like you - not always wealthy or well-funded but who can truly represent you - can run and win an office.

10. If you're disappointed in an elected official's acts or a new bill's effect, vote him/her or it out next time. And then vote again!


"Su vota es su voz"
William C. "Willie" Velásquez


Check out:

TPP's extensive chapter on HOW and WHY we vote and all the little weird laws!), Sara's new voter primer at chickclick.com & Resources for sites such as:

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