1. Give money to make change to political candidates, issue campaigns, social organizations or to a kid selling lemonade for a cause in which you believe.

2. Stop buying a product using bonded child labor, a business not paying a living wage or using a practice with which you don't agree. You've got the numbers to have companies listen to you.

3. Finance your own cable show or creative project to get things done. That's what I'm doing!

4. Here's the new word: "social responsibility", which means that the business community thinks not only about profits but about protecting the natural, human an economic environments of citizens.

You can do i t and you can persuade others who are conducting business to do it as well. What does it mean?"

5. Realize that many acts by others affect your pocketbook and think financially for you and others all of the time.


VICTORY!!! cokespotlight.org In response to the joint Adbusters and Greenpeace campaign against their use of global warming HFCs, Coca-Cola recently announced its decision to phase out the pollutant by the 2004 Olympics. Check out the CokeSpotlight websitewhich thousands of people used to pressure the soft drink giant, as well as Coke's newly revised refrigeration guidelines.

Check out Resources for sites such as:

Move ON's "We Will remember" (through Election 2000) to give money or time to candidates and organizations who will keep their promises.
Adbusters for campaigns to "bring corporations back under civilian control"
Businesses Leaders for Sensible Priorities where many heads of major corporations (including Ben & Jerry's ice cream!) are using their economic interests and their economic power to persuade the US Government to spend more money on schhools, children and health and less on arms ("We've got enough already", they say!).