1. Photograph, perform, and write for performance, media and your own zines.

2. Submit your own first hand account of events or news stories to the news, magazines or independent media.

3. Write for teen zines and school newspapers.

4. Write a poem, write a book! Draw an editorial cartoon!

5. Use the Internet to create websites, connect with others and submit ideas to everything from groups here today to those here forever.

6. Organize a concert, poetry slam, forum at your school or community center or at town hall to get your concerns heard and to raise money for change.

7. Support another's cause - activism or service - by being there and using your creativity for them.


Check out resources for sites such as:

Independent Media Center
Free The Children
Culture Jammers Network
's list of online school (K-12) and street newspapers (with teen contributions)
DO SOMETHING or at AOL Keyword: Do Something
National Council of La Raza/Youth Leadership Division